Brand and Website Design for Viridian Ivy Images

By Sara Stuart

I recently had the pleasure of working with a very talented local photographer named Jessica Patton. Last summer, Jess did an engagement session with Zach and myself and we absolutely adored her and her style. So when she contacted me to rename and rebrand her business, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.

Viridian Ivy Photography Brand and Logo Design

I truly believe that the people who walk into your life are there for a reason. Jess is the type of person that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed when you hate taking photos (like me) to capture moments that feel authentic. She spends time getting to know her clients and once you meet her, you’ll see that she’s as genuine as her work. Her subject matter is very much influenced by raw emotion and her love for the outdoors. Based in Northwest Ohio, she’s more than happy to travel for her clients and the right location.

Now that I’ve given you some background on Jess, here’s a walk through our branding adventure together.



We began the project by focusing on a brand new name. Jess wanted a name that conveyed emotion, was inspired by nature, told a story, and had a vintage ring to it. Most importantly, she wanted something that reflected her new vision and would suit her ideal audience. Shortly after I assessed her answers to the questions I had given her at the start of the project, I began researching names. (I had so much fun with this process that I created a post about it here.) A few tweaks and eliminations here and there led to Viridian Ivy Images.

The word viridian means blue-green. From the beginning Jess expressed her love for blue mason jars, earthly accents, and almost everything nautical. This color alone brought out a description for all three of these interests and felt poetic. Whereas the word ivy symbolized memory, faithfulness, friendship, and marriage. Together, they fit what we were trying to express quite well.


Inspiration Board

In addition to giving Jess a project worksheet filled with questions about her new name, brand, and website, I asked her to create a Pinterest board that illustrated her vision for her new brand. Earthy, natural, authentic, emotional, and airy were a few adjectives she had given me as an answer to describe how she wanted others to see her brand. From there, I took all that I was given to create an inspiration board that suited the tone, color scheme, and design aesthetic we were after.

Viridian Ivy Inspiration Board



Then I began creating logo concepts that reflected Jess’s new name, inspiration board, and design goals. It was clear that she loved calligraphy and script font, so I started with a few basic sketches, and then took to hand lettering.

Viridian Ivy Logo Sketch

We ended up with four different concepts to choose from.

Viridian Ivy Photography Logo Concepts

After much consideration, Jess and I agreed on the first concept. This hand lettered logo had movement that was light and airy while the softer texture and color gave off a natural, earthy feel.

Viridian Ivy Photography Logo


Brand Style Guide

Once we had a logo chosen and finalized, I started working on a submark that would double as a watermark for Jess to use for her preview shots. We were both very interested in exploring additional visuals that could be used in her website design, so I created a flourished submark plus several ivy vine illustrations and icons. Here’s a look at the entire brand style guide for Viridian Ivy Images:

Viridian Ivy Brand Style Guide


Website Design

Using the Squarespace account I had asked Jess to sign-up with, I added in the content and photography that she supplied to me. Next, I began implementing her branding elements into the design. Since Jess and I share a deep appreciation for texture, I added in a lace texture to the hover animation over the buttons. For those of you who enjoy texture just as much, you might like my post on effectively applying this to your website design here.

The overall website is very clean, organized, and representative to her new brand. Here’s a snapshot of her homepage:

Viridian Ivy Website Homepage Design

To spice up Jess’s about page, I also created six interest icons that illustrated her content.

Viridian Ivy Interest Icons


Social Media

Since Jess chose my brand and web design package (Package B), it included three different social media art pieces that we decided to focus on the Viridian Ivy Facebook page. Here are a few of my favorites:

Viridian Ivy FB Banner
Viridian Ivy Facebook Banner
Viridian Ivy Facebook Banner Design

As of August, 26th the website for Viridian Ivy Images has officially launched! Check it out for yourself here and let me know what you think!

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