Five Fun Facts About Me

By Sara Stuart

Compared to most, I'm a pretty private person and I usually keep things to myself, my family, and closest friends. I think this is something Ron Swanson (from Parks and Recreation) and I have in common. However, since I'm new to the world of blogging, I thought I'd break the ice by sharing five fun facts about myself. Here we go!

Fun facts about Sara Stuart

1. I'm A Natural Night Owl

I was born a little bit before midnight and while I was a baby, my mother had difficulty getting me to fall asleep at night because I wanted to sleep during the day instead. Ever since then, it's been a running joke that I'm a natural night owl amongst my family. Although I primarily work within normal business hours, I'll occasionally stay up late if I feel restless or inspired. My thoughts are often clearer, I feel more productive, and it's nice to have some quiet time alone.


2. I Have A History With Cherry Pop-Tarts

One of my earliest memories as a child involves a Pop-Tart. Unable to sleep, I was hungry and I got up out of my bed to find my mom eating a cherry Pop-Tart at the kitchen table late at night. Being the oldest out of four children, I saw this as some quality one-on-one time, so I decided to join her. It was so satisfying that after that one time, I developed a habit of eating when I couldn't sleep. What's my go-to snack now? It's always a cherry Pop-Tart.


3. I'm Very Fond of Birds

My parents were strictly against having cats and dogs in the house, so we owned birds and guinea pigs instead. I've had three pet parakeets throughout my life and even though two flew out the window, I successfully trained one. Basically, I have always had a fascination with birds and I think this has influenced some of my other interests. For example, I started playing the flute because it sounded like a bird.


4. I'm A Bit Accident-Prone

Not to brag or anything but I have a knack for getting injured by the strangest things. I've broken my arm by falling off a mountain bike, inflicted scars on my foot by jumping off of a rogue segway, and have broken my jaw by crashing my dirt bike into a tree. As you might expect, I'm pretty selective with my methods of travel now. Now my husband likes to poke fun at me whenever we spot a segway by calling it my "arch nemesis."


5. J'adore les Français

Ever since I took my first foreign language class in high school, I have had an immense appreciation for the french language and culture. I can't recall how many times I've watched Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, and let's not forget Amélie. I think it's safe to say I'm a Francophile.

Do you have any fun facts you'd like to share? If so, I'd love to hear some!